CHEER Africa

CHEER Africa is a Kenyan national non-profit organization. CHEER Africa was founded in May, 2006 in the rural area of Kisii, Kenya.  CHEER Africa mainly focuses on public health, but encompasses the areas of contraception, HIV/AIDS Awareness, eradication of poverty, the environment and rights for women. Therefore:


Much of the work of Cheerafrica is community based. Here grassroots in action: a meeting to discuss various options on microfunding.
C ontraception
H IV/AIDS Awareness
E nvironment/Education
E radication of poverty
R ights of women

CHEER Africa's Mission is to promote integral sustainable development through the involvement of all development parties and or collaborations to improve the living standards of the people living in rural areas and the urban poor.

CHEER Africa serves Nyanza Province in Western Kenya.  However, CHEER Africa looks to expand its operations to the entire country of Kenya and also other countries of Africa

  CHEER Africa's current programs include family planning, health and nutrition for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAS), entrepreneurial skill training, promotion of gender equality, revolving fund schemes, Information Technology training, and fundraising. While CHEER Africa has been established, it has collaborated with over 50 community-based organizations (CBOs) in the area.  CHEER Africa has provided these CBOs with advising on record-keeping and income-generating activities. CHEER Africa has also established a community pharmacy in the town of Masimba (Nyanza province) to provide affordable medication to the public.